Youth Jam Stage Set For JAM 2013

Posted by mediavandals

PV Jam - CMW

What a crazy couple of weeks it’s been. First the Canadian Music Festival week long event was fabulous. So many places to go and so much music to take in . It was impossible to catch everything, but we tried. Some interesting potential prospects for next years JAM? Hmmm. All that said there are some more pics to post and some updates to what’s been happening in preparation for this years JAM. And on that note let’s run through the new Youth JAM stage. This one filled up pretty quickly once the word got out what we were planning. So much so that it may have to be made a little bigger come next year!! Sponsored by Creative Math and Music, Bob Spencer and with the talents of our own Fairy Tale Palace’s Patti O’Connor working her magic as the creative director we’re pretty sure this is going to become a main stay of the festival. There is just so much talent around it’s hard to fit it all in, but you know we’re gonna try. Returning this year, Ben Blackman will be kicking things off for the YouthJAM stage. And if you get a chance before the event, check out Kylie McCullough’s Youtube channel for some samplings of this young ladies’ talent. Along with Ben and Kylie, we’ll have be having part of the choir from Les Mis which will be happening in Port Perry starting on May 10th. Sounds like it’s going to be a brilliant performance by these young actors. Headlining this years Youth JAM stage this year will be Cole Hermer. A fine local performer that has developed some chops already. Performing at places such as the infamous ElMacombo downtown, he’s started to pay his dues with some fine performances. We’re looking forward to seeing Cole at the festival.