Thanks for joining us for this year’s Pickering Village Jam Fest! We're VIRTUAL!

Live Streaming starts at 7PM. Stream for FREE on Facebook and YouTube!

The Little Village That Could! Pickering Village, located at the edge of Pickering is Ajax’s best kept secret… and the word is out! Old Kingston Road comes alive every year with an old fashioned street festival that draws thousands of Music Festival lovers from all across Durham and the GTA.

Community Partners and Neighbourhood businesses anxiously await the opportunity to showcase their impressive salons, shops, concepts & designs to new & old friends, all under the umbrella of the Pickering Village Community Events Team and the powerhouse Festival guidance of PLC, founders of the Beaches Jazz Festival, Toronto.

Music has always been a part of the Village and JAM is organized by the Best in the Festival industry. Come on out, clink your glasses, dance in the street and be a part of the coolest Summer fun you’ll have this year.

Welcome to the Pickering Village JAM Festival

Pickering Village has hosted a successful street music festival for over 20 years. The history and wealth of talent in this community has captured the hearts of music lovers everywhere. Pickering Village Community Events is a non profit organization dedicated to keeping this festival going and growing for over the past 9 years. With the support of the Pickering Village BIA, the Town of Ajax, major corporate Sponsors like Elexicon, OPG and OLG, as well as TD Bank and now Global News, JAM is definitely growing more than ever!
Partnered with PLC, the founders & organizers of the world renowned Beaches Jazz Festival, our little Festival that could is seriously building momentum. The wide variety of local talent, and diversity of musical genres from jazz to blues to rock and roll, keeps all of our guests engaged and entertained.
The assortment of restaurants, bistros, and food trucks provide the nourishment and guilty pleasures we all crave on festival grounds, and the participation of community groups helps to build a sense of belonging and understanding for all who share our neighbourhoods. Visit the little boutiques, salons, and offices that make our little Village so welcoming and inviting. So we encourage you to grab a beverage, take a stroll and dance in the street if you like. We won’t mind a bit.
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