About Pickering Village Jamfest

Pickering Village in Ajax, has established a tradition of holding a music festival for more than a decade. Originally known as the Pickering Village Jazz Festival, it evolved into the Pickering Village JAM Festival in 2011 and is also known affectionately and simply, as JAMFest.

Nestled along a spur of the original Kingston Road, Pickering Village got its start in 1807 when a group of Quakers settled in the area. Walking down Old Kingston Road, the modern day visitor can still see original buildings: Gordon House, built in 1881, was a hotel known for its excellent food. Casa Verde, an Italian restaurant, is housed in circa 1890 building that originally served as a birthing house, and later as a rum runners hideout. The house of the original doctor, erected around 1867, features unusual, metal spired cupolas and decorative brick work.

JAMFest celebrates the community of Pickering Village and the joy of music and arts. Take the time to walk through the village and enjoy the music and family fun. Stroll along the sidewalk and browse through vendor booths. Contemplate the work of our local artists. Spend the day with the kids and enjoy family oriented fun.

Drop in and enjoy the fare at any of the local restaurants, or if you’re feeling more casual, there are food vendors on the street offering various cuisines, from Jamaican jerk chicken to Canada’s own contribution to french fry gastronomy: poutine. You can then burn off the calories and dance in the street while musicians re-create the sounds of 50’s rock and roll, blues, jazz and folk.

Come out to JAMFest and enjoy the fun!

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